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Lynn Guzik, M.S.

                          Dyslexia Practitioner/Certified Teacher/Special Needs Instructor


*  Private Dyslexia Practitioner, and instructor for children with other language                  learning difficulties. 

*  Trained by Neuhaus Education Center, Barton Reading and Spelling                                    System, and Read Naturally Live to work with children with dyslexia and                          other language, reading, and writing challenges.

*  Years of experience as a Language Arts Teacher

*  Actively involved in education for children with special needs for over 30 years. 
*  Bachelor's Degree and certification in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and     a Master's of Science Degree in Psychology.

*  Consultant, Supervisor, and Therapist in school district classrooms for children with     special needs.

*  Attends conferences and webinars regularly to keep abreast of current research on        dyslexia and other learning challenges.

*  Developer of curriculum, activities, and behavioral interventions for children with        autism, and other special needs.


“Lynn is highly recommended for any position involving children, families and therapy. She is highly motivated, responsible, knowledgeable, and accountable. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and families and always goes above and beyond what is expected of her.”

-Dawn Brendle, Western PA Psych Care


I am excited to help your child reach his or her full potential regardless of the struggles he or she faces.  I have a vast array of experience working with children with various needs and diagnoses in teaching, tutoring, and therapeutic roles. My ability to be innovative, to problem-solve, and work hand-in-hand with you, the parent, enables me to achieve successful results. I have spent the last twenty-five years providing direction and support to children and their families in an effort to make a difference in their lives.

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